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Steve Bell


50170 Vessey

Tel 02 33 58 84 55

Siret 53100273100010

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Doctubes is the man for all your Valve Amp repairs.

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Custom built amps and pedals.

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Custom Builds




Strat Build 2




srb-guitars TC3 Three pickup Tele in metallic gold.


Gold Tele Nov 12


srb-guitars Strat in sunburst with Gibson Humbuckers. This is my personal Strat.


srb-guitars 1998 SG style using 100 year old Mahogany.

This one has an absolutely huge neck with 24 frets pearl blocks and Flamed Maple binding. A simple wrap over bridge and 2 Schaller Humbuckers. It's strung 14 to 60.

I made it for, and use it exclusively for slide work.



If you are interested in commissioning a guitar, contact me using the "contact us" page and I'll arrange an appointment for you to come around and have a coffee and a chat about it. 

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