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Here are some of the more interesting guitars I have worked on recently, Plus a few of my own guitars.


 DiMarrio 50's/60's Hollowbody Thinline 

This was marketed through a shop in Granville Normandy. I know nothing about this guitar other than it hasn't had much use. The frets were overhanging the fretboard by about 1mm a side. Everything needed doing to this one. Fun piece of memorabilia.

Fender Telecaster Japan.

Nice Tele. Needed a fret dress and general set up. Plays really well now. Check out the low action.

Gibson Spirit.

Gibson only made the Spirit for a very short time and only made it in this colour for one year. Dom at Landivy has had it since it was new.

I really like this guitar. That single humbucker sounds enormous!

Vantage 1980's Japan.

Another nice guitar. Came in for a set up and to sort those electronics out. Someone had soldered a wire on the wrong pin for the coil split option! Doh! Took ages to find.

Some of mine.

As promised here are some of my guitars. Some I don't have anymore and some I would like back. That 59 Les Paul is not mine however. I just thought you might like to see it, it's real not a reissue.


Christophe's Les Paul

If your frets look like this see me now.



 This Ibanez Soundgear Bass was brand new when it came into my shop. Just a basic set up on this one. Even when you buy a new guitar you should have it set up. Not all shops will do this for you. Certainly most of the shops I've been to in France don't seem to understand that it's necessary!


This Ibanez needed a fret dress and general set up. The guitar was relatively new, but the frets had not been dressed at the factory after installation. This is common. If you are getting buzzy rattley noises when you play through an amp you should have me look at your guitar.

Another couple of interesting things about this Ibanez. It's the thinnest guitar I've ever seen (10mm at the edge) and it has the most complicated trem system on the planet! A well set up strat will stay in tune and the disadvantages of locking trem systems can outweigh the advantages. Nice guitar though.